Online Arabic from Palestine course now launched!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


In cooperation with Glasgow University, IUG Arabic Centre has recently launched an electronic platform to teach non-native beginners speakers the Arabic language using the Palestinian Dialect. The Project of"Teaching Online Palestinian Arabic" falls under a project funded by the AHRC-UK and supported by the UNESCO Chair for the Integration of Refugees through Languages and Arts.

The curriculum was prepared by a joint team of specialists and professors of Arabic language teaching at the Islamic University in Gaza and Glasgow University in Britain. The book focuses on beginners’ level to teach Arabic as a foreign language within Palestinian culture. 

 The event took place at The Islamic University in the presence of IUG President, Prof. Nasser Farahat, the Dean of Community Service and Continuing Education Dr. Saeed Al-Gharra, and Prof. Nazmi Al-Masri, Director of the project, and in cooperation with the University of Glasgow consisted of Dr. Giovanna Fassetta, Principal Investigator, Ms. Elena Aldegheri, Researcher, Dr. Maria Grazia Imperiale, Researcher, Prof Alison Phipps, Co-Investigator; and Ms. Lauren Roberts, the project administrator.

The project Director Prof. Nazmi Al-Masri clarified that the electronic curriculum offers Arabic to other speakers through a combination of simple elements taken from the Palestinian culture, life and traditions, with a concentration on the aesthetic and emotional aspects of the Arabic language and the Palestinian dialect.

The platform is supported by modern techniques including videos, pictures, audio materials, and language activities filmed and recorded at the University and Gaza City, in cooperation with the Department of Public Relations and Educational Radio and some national institutions, and supervised by the Project Director Prof. Nazmi Al Masri and the Project Coordinator Ms. Hala Shraim and a host of elite teachers working at the Center. the curriculum will be presented in an interactive manner based on the electronic learning platforms available at the Islamic University. It is specially designed for teaching and distance learning using modern means of communication through internet and modern mobile applications.

The university president praised all those who contributed to the success of this project and stressed the importance of teaching and spreading the Arabic language worldwide.

Glasgow team has expressed happiness over the cooperation with the Islamic University for many years. Also, they expressed their happiness over cooperation with such a project because it is important to spread the Arabic language and the Palestinian culture, especially through this educational program. Glasgow thank Prof. Nazmi and Gaza team, Yousef Diab, Jehad Abu Jazar, Ola Lubbad, Sahar Al-Shobaki, Hala Shraim for the hardworking and wonderful effort they exerted in producing this electronic educational material with high quality and with more than what expected. In addition, they stressed the continuity of their cooperation with the Islamic University.

Online Arabic from Palestine course within OPAC project:

Arabic from Palestine Online (1) is an electronic platform to teach the Arabic language skills for beginners to non-native speakers. It was prepared as part of a project, entitled "Teaching Palestinian Arabic through the Internet" (Online Palestinian Arabic Course (OPAC).

The curriculum aims at enabling the student to gradually use the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) with much focus on the speaking skill in classical Arabic inlaid with the Palestinian dialect, proficiency in the Arabic alphabet. Furthermore, providing the student with a set of basics and most common structures to use and various aspects of the Arabic language culture, especially the Palestinian.


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