Online Arabic from Palestine Course
IUG Arabic Centre at the Islamic University of Gaza releases an electronic platform for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers for beginner within the project of teaching Online Palestinian Arabic.
Mashallah! The Online Palestinian Arabic Course is almost ready
We have now finished piloting the first two units of the Online Palestinian Arabic Course. There are adjustments we need to make, but we are well on our way to have the course ready for the end of July. Soon, Inshallah, the course will be available to anyone interested in learning Arabic with a Palestinian flavor, taught by experienced and trained teachers based in the Gaza Strip.
How Teachers in the Isolated Gaza Strip Are Providing Arabic Lessons to Students Beyond the Blockade
Arabic is the fifth-most-commonly spoken language in the world, with an estimated 250 million native speakers. It's a useful language to know, and a university in the Gaza Strip is offering to teach it via Skype -- while reducing the isolation imposed on it by a decade-long Israeli blockade.