Let's Learn Arabic Online from Palestine

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

New Offer :)

Learn Arabic Online from Palestine in Groups


*New offer for Learning Arabic in-group targets all institutions and individuals who are interested in learning Arabic online as a foreign language up-to-3-participant group with just $350 for each group.

- The courses will be online from Palestine.

- The courses are provided either standard or colloquial Arabic or both in the same course. It is based on what each group preferred.

- Our courses are for kids and adults.

- Teaching the Arabic language from Zero Beginner.

- Course length: 1 to 2 months.

- Courses' time will be in the evening after 5 pm Gaza time.

- You can set a group by inviting 2 of your friends and start your own group for enjoying learning Arabic with them.

- The center will communicate with the learners individually to agree with them on a date to determine his/her level in Arabic by using the placement test and determine his/her purposes.

- Each course starts with a full needs analysis and a placement test to find out which areas of the language you need to focus on. Your teacher will then plan a personalised study programme for you and will actively supervise your progress during your stay with us.

    o This process will ease our work to set a group for the learners who are at the same level and have the same purposes somewhat.

    o To have an effective preliminary conversation with your teacher, kindly, you should register on the website and do the placement test which called "Test Your Arabic" on the home page.

- Besides our curriculum, our range of adult courses reflects the fact that learners have different reasons for wanting to improve their communicative abilities in Arabic and different learning styles. Whether you need Arabic for socialising on holiday, for your day-to-day professional life or for a special project, we have the course to suit you.

- The center will set up a Facebook group for all individuals who would like to interact with others and to reinforce his/her language.

*To register in this offer, kindly, fill the form in this link: https://cutt.ly/FespdRT


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