Beginner user: (40 hours given in 2 stages; 20 hours in each stage)

General description: learners are enabled to communicate in basic standard Arabic about personal and everyday social contexts. 

Objectives: By the end of this level, the learner will be able to

  1. participate in basic social communicative functions: greetings, introduction, thanking, requesting and offering in everyday social contexts.
  2. engage in basic short conversations related to these topics: personal information, travel, shopping, work, home, likes and dislikes and weather.
  3. ask and answer basic yes-no and wh-questions about the topics listed above.
  4. use basic collocated expressions and vocabulary in real life situations related the topics listed above.
  5. understand and produce basic 2-3 short sentences related the topics listed above.
  6. use numbers (0 -100),
  7. read and write simple and short words / sentences in the Arabic alphabet.
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