Closing Ceremony of Teaching Arabic to Non-native Speakers

Monday, March 18, 2019

The IUG Arabic Center has delightfully celebrated finishing the training programme of "Teaching Arabic to Non-native Speakers" course which has been supported by the University of Glasgow.

The 120-hours course rehabilitated (18) trainers who were participating in five stages. The first part of this course contributed to 9 meetings for 18 sessions which took 27 hours as the trainers were given lessons on how to teach reading, writing, listening and speaking. The second part contributed into three meetings for six sessions, and the needed time was nine hours, where the trainers got to know about the functions and features of using Moodle, WizIQ, and PowerPoint in the teaching process. The third part categorized into five meetings for 10 sessions, and the required time was fifteen hours. In this section, the trainers were using technology and contextualized creative methods in online teaching. The fourth phase had two meetings divided into four sessions held within six hours. The trainers were discussing strategies for developing a curriculum, and thus introduce the lessons and unites of "Arabic from Palestine" course.  The last phase required trainers to prepare one unit which consists of three lessons as the next level of OPAC curriculum.

"It was might pleasure to be your first volunteer student and be taught by you all different lesson. I'm really impressed with your teaching online dimension", said Prof. Giovanna Fassetta from the University of Glasgow.

Prof. Giovanna, lecturer in intercultural literacies and languages in education from Glasgow, informed that they held three workshops in the UK, clarifying the wonderful scheme of learning Arabic online. The feedback was so positive. Everyone is interested in the course. "The teachers are the best thing that the Arabic Center has; they are so thoughtful, creative, and fun", Prof. Giovanna added.

The supreme objective of IUG Arabic Center is reaching out the Arabic language and culture to the entire world through face-to-face or virtual environment via e-education. The Center offers flexible multi-level courses, beginners, elementary, intermediate, advanced; customized for non-native speakers intend to excel in communicative Arabic. The teaching process is varied between using standard and Palestinian dialect in which the learner can use in formal and informal situations.

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