Intermediate user (40 hours given in 2 stages; 20 hours each stage)

General description: learners are enabled to use Arabic essential skills to communicate ideas and facts about these topics: culture and manners, arts and crafts, technology, transportation, cities and towns.   

Objectives: By the end of this level, the learner will be able to

  1.      engage in more communicative functions: descripting actions and habits, expressing preferences, opinions, hopes, dreams and future plans; advising, and  giving instructions and directions.
  2.      engage in simple short conversations (about 120 words) related to the topics listed above.
  3.      ask and respond to questions about the topics listed above.
  4.      read and understand short simple texts of about 100 words related to the topics listed above.
  5.      use collocated Arabic expressions and vocabulary in contexts related to the topics listed above.
  6.      produce  a summary of about 20 words in simple sentences about the topics mentioned above.
  7.      Use a variety of numbers up to a billion.
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Intermediate 1

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