One to One Class

Group Class Max. 4 No.

$250 for each 20 hrs.

$350 for each 20 hrs.



* Instructions:

      Applicants must pay all course fees in full before enrolling on the course.

      Please note, a place on a course can only be secured through payment; places cannot be reserved.

      Refund policy:

o   Fees will be fully refunded if a course is cancelled for any reason beyond our control.

o   Withdrawing before the start of the course: if you decide to cancel enrolling on a term before it begins, we will refund your term fees (minus a 10% administration fee) provided your request is received in writing before the course begins.

o   On withdrawal, refunds, where applicable, must be requested in writing to:


**The fees of face to face courses are paid in the accountant of the IUG Arabic Center.



***There are three ways for paying the fees:

1.      Pay with Electronic Payment Service through this link (http://donate.iugaza.edu.ps/en/). There is a code on the top of the page called (Donate Now). Click on it and fill the application. Please, make sure to write on the note box that the fees for IUG Arabic Center for Arabic course. In addition, pay attention please that you will pay $258 ($250+$8) the course fees plus the commission by using this way.


2.      You can transfer the money through Western union related to these data:

a.         Name: Hala Adel Mohammed Shraim

b.         ID No.: 400070017

c.         Mobile No.: +972 595 82 58 53

d.         Address: Gaza, Palestine


3.      You can transfer the money to the University bank account. When you choose this way, contact me via email to send you the full data which related to the swift code of the bank. arabic@iugaza.edu.ps



-          After paying the money, send the photo of the receipt via email.

-          Please be careful that we should receive the $250 as a net without making the discount from it.