A wide demand for learning Arabic language from non-native speakers

  • 11/03/2018


A wide demand for learning Arabic language from non-native speakers 


The IUG Arabic center has witnessed a wide demand from non-native speakers to learn the Arabic language through modern technologies. As it has started receiving many daily inquiries about the nature of courses and curricula which offered.

This comes as a result of launching the IUG Arabic center, an electronic book to teach Arabic to non-Arabic speakers, entitled "Arabic from Palestine" for beginners under the OPAC project in partnership with the University of Glasgow - Britain - funded by the Council of Human Research and Arts AHRC in Britain, With the support of the UNESCO Chair for the Integration of Refugees through Languages and Arts, in which the Islamic University participates.

A number of new students have joined the Center, especially at the level of beginners to learn Arabic through the new curriculum "online Arabic from Palestine ", which introduces the Arabic language from a  Palestinian culture point of view and allow learners to know about the Palestinian heritage through the image and video.

Over the last six months, the Center has held 26 Arabic language courses through modern technology. Currently, 16 courses are held at various levels. Most of the learners are from Britain, Italy and the United States, working in the field of journalism and teaching. In addition, some of them are graduate students and students of Middle Eastern studies.

Dr. Nazmi Al Masri, the project director, asserted that work is underway in cooperation with the University of Glasgow to provide some qualitative projects to develop Arabic language programs through electronic curricula and the most appropriate methods of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. In addition, Dr. Al Masri talked about the objectives of teaching the Arabic language from Gaza, such as spreading the Palestinian culture and increasing awareness of the Palestinian case using various social communication techniques and means, as well as promoting the culture of education and distance work, which reduces unemployment among graduates in Palestine.


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