The Importance of Arabic Language in the modern world

  • 11/16/2017

The Importance of Arabic Language in the modern world

General - December 9th, 2010


The significance of Arabic cannot be underestimated in the modern world. It is the official language of over 20 countries and there are about 300 million speakers of Arabic across the world. Most of the Arabic speakers are concentrated in the Middle East. People around the world revere Arabic, since it is the language of the Holy Koran. Hence Muslims, all over the world consider it sacred. 

The Arabic language gained importance as a result of the spread of Islam in the 7th and 8th centuries. During this period the Arabic came into contact with the European languages and enriched them. Even though little changes took place in the Arabic language during the last century, it got refined with new words and technological terms during the last century. 

It is written in the golden pages of history that Arabs have contributed immensely to the advancement of science, medicine, and philosophy. The valuable knowledge of the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine cultures was preserved for the world through the Arab libraries. Arabs have also made significant contributions in literature, mathematics, navigation, astrology, and architecture. Knowledge of Arabic will help us to explore this vast body of knowledge in their original form.


In today’s world, Arabic is of utmost importance due to the economic significance of the oil producing Arabic countries in the global scenario. Learning the Arabic language can open doors to employment in the oil and travel industry. Knowing the Arabic language can help us find a career  in a variety of fields such as  journalism, business and industry, education, finance and banking, translation and interpretation, consulting, foreign service and intelligence etc. 

With the growing importance of Middle East in the International affairs there is a shortage of people who are well versed in Arabic language and culture in the West. Apart from this, numerous business opportunities are available in the Arabic world as a result of the expansion of markets. Studying the Arabic language will give you a cutting edge in your endeavor towards becoming an international businessman oriented towards the ever-growing Arabic market. Arabic language has played an important part in shaping the Islamic future in the world of globalization and conflict of civilization.