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20 September

Online Arabic from Palestine course now launched!

In cooperation with Glasgow University, IUG Arabic Centre has recently launched an electronic platform to teach non-native beginners speakers the Arabic language using the Palestinian Dialect. The Project of"Teaching Online Palestinian Arabic" falls under a project funded by the AHRC-UK and supported by the UNESCO Chair for the Integration of Refugees through Languages and Arts.

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03 September

New Offer for new beginner course!

As we launch the Online Arabic from Palestine language course for beginners, the Arabic Center at the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) has the pleasure to offer a special 20% discount to the first 10 learners who will enroll in this new, exciting course.

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23 July

Online Arabic from Palestine

The Islamic University Releases the Project of Teaching Palestinian Arabic Language Online (OPAC). IUG Arabic Centre at the Islamic University of Gaza releases an electronic platform for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers for beginner within the project of teaching Online Palestinian Arabic

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24 July

Learning Arabic as linguistic solidarity

Only last week, the Israeli parliament passed a controversial law that downgrades Arabic from an official language to one with “special status”, thus denying its sizeable Arab speaking population (one-fifth of the total, the vast majority of which are Palestinians) the dignity of having their language and culture publicly recognized. This law appears designed to humiliate and declass even further Israel’s Arab population

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30 June

Mashallah! The Online Palestinian Arabic Course is almost ready

We have now finished piloting the first two units of the Online Palestinian Arabic Course. There are adjustments we need to make, but we are well on our way to have the course ready for the end of June. Soon, Inshallah, the course will be available to anyone interested in learning Arabic with a Palestinian flavour, taught by experienced and trained teachers based in the Gaza Strip.

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14 May

Getting here, getting there

Despite the tension and anxiety caused by the Israeli response to the demonstrations; despite the ‘normal’ power cuts and logistic difficulties; despite having experimented with different tools and new materials; despite everything, the pilot lessons for the Online Palestinian Arabic Course have now started

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07 April

Gaza uncut

Working on Filming the videos of OPAC course. Images are an important part of our course, and we have already written two blogs about images, about the joy some pictures can bring, and about the frustration when looking for images online. These days, pictures of the Gaza Strip are unfortunately once again prominent in newspapers, TV, and social media. The photographs we see in our media are very different from the images of Gaza that our team shares via WhatsApp, as though there were two Gaza Strips: the exceptional and the ordinary one

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