Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1-    How I can register and enroll one of Arabic courses?

a-       Read all the information which is related to the center and the courses on the website.

b-      Go to the code (Register Now); then fill the required data.

c-       I will receive your application on the center's email; then I will connect you with your suitable teacher according to your suitable time which you mentioned in your application.

d-      After agreeing on that, you will pay the course fees before starting your course.

e-      Note: you have a chance for 30 minutes for preliminary Skype conversation with your teacher before paying the fees to discuss with him your purpose of taking the course and another issue related to get everything clear.


2-      How I can register to the Beginner level?

·         Beginner level is available on Moodle platform. The learner need an access, username and password to enroll the course.

a-       You will follow the same steps in Q1. In addition, you will get an access on the Moodle platform after paying the fees of the course.

The link of the Beginner course on the Moodle platform:


3-    Is it possible to visit Gaza and take face to face courses?

 Yes, sure. We can help you by giving you an acceptance letter which clarifies that the reason of visiting Gaza is for learning Arabic course.


4-    Would I take the class with other students or just me? 
Actually, we don't have groups yet because most of the center's learners prefer one to one classes, and they are at different levels. But if you have friends, family members or acquaintances prefer to learn Arabic with you, they can join in, and every member will get a $30 discount.


5-     How do the video lessons work? How will we get connected—through Skype, etc.?

The teacher will tell you what is the platform will be used in your course, but the first communication will be through Skype.


6-    Is it possible for me to learn the Palestinian dialect rather than classical?
Yes, of course, it is possible. The Arabic center give you the course according to your purpose. You can get Palestinian dialect or classical or both simultaneously.


7-      Could I have a preliminary Skype call with a teacher?

Yes, of course.

8- What about taking courses in groups?

Actually, this point depend on the learner. If you have friends, family members or acquaintances with same level as you and prefer to learn Arabic with you, they can join in, and every member will get a $30 discount.


9-      What is the Skype account for the center?

IUG Arabic Center.


10-      When is the next available registration period for the Arabic lessons online?

Registration at the center is open at any time.


11-   Do prospective students would receive certificate upon finishing the

Yes, sure. You well get it after finishing your course and passing the exam.