Courses' Description:

The center offers mainly four-levels courses. You can register for one level or more.

First: Basic Stage


This stage aims to provide beginners with the basic skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing by enhancing the students' understanding of the nature of the classical Arabic language and its basic components.

Learning Outcomes:

After the completion of this level, students are expected to:

-  Understand and use vocabulary and phrases which are commonly used in simple dialogues.

-  Understand and use short sentences in everyday situations.

-  A preliminary understanding of the nature of the Arabic language and the culture and the society

This level is equivalent to level A1 in the common European framework.

Second: Beginner`s Stage

This stage is designed to teach students a set of grammatical structures and develop their basic communicative skills in reading, listening, speaking and writing through short dialogues and varied texts.

Learning Outcomes:

 Students are expected to:

-  Understand and prepare short simple sentences.

-  Use simple grammar.

-  Communicate through dialogues in simple life situations.

-  Develop their language and increase awareness of the Arab culture.

This level is equivalent to A2 in the common European framework

Third: Intermediate Stage

This stage is designed to enhance the four language skills: reading, listening, writing, and speaking through a variety of verbal and written communicative interactions about a variety of topics including news, literature and culture.

Learning Outcomes:

Students will be able to:

-  Understand the general meaning of television programs and short video clips.

-  Understand the general meaning of texts dealing with current events and topics of interest to the student.

-  Write texts or short messages about different topics.

-  Describe the events and express their views briefly, whether verbally or in writing, and express their opinions.

This level equivalent to level B1 in the common European framework.

Fourth: Advanced Stage

This stage focuses on advanced communication skills, oral and written. It covers a range of topics from different sources such as newspapers, magazines, television and the Internet.

Learning Outcomes:

Students will be able to:

-  Understand verbal material, including news and documentaries.

-  Read articles about modern themes borrowed from Arabic newspapers, magazines and the Internet.

-  Speak fluently about contemporary topics through discussions and make short presentations.

-  Write short articles, reports, speeches, and opinions and strengthen their ability to argue on current issues that students are interested in.

-  Distinguish between formal and informal spoken Arabic.

-  Work independently to develop an understanding of different cultures.

This level is equivalent to B2 and C1.1 levels in the common European framework.

Teaching Techniques:

-  The center focuses on four language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

-  Arabic is the teaching language i.e. the student learns and interacts with teachers and other students in Arabic.

-  The center utilizes various visual and audible teaching techniques.

-  Adapting modern methodologies which focus on the learners and their active participation inside and outside the classroom.

Academic staff:

Our academic professional staff`s mother tongue is Arabic, and they are well trained to teach Arabic for non-native speakers.


All candidates who complete the course will receive a certificate of attendance.


The fees for each course:

One to one Classes

No. of Hours

Price/Student ($)








Group Classes with Max. No. of 4 students

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      Applicants must pay all course fees in full before enrolling on the course.

      Payment instructions will be sent via email following receipt of your completed Application Form and availability of a place on a course(s) is confirmed.

      Please note, a place on a course can only be secured through payment; places cannot be reserved.

      Refund policy:

o   Fees will be fully refunded if a course is cancelled for any reason beyond our control.

o   Withdrawing before the start of the course: if you decide to cancel enrolling on a term before it begins, we will refund your term fees (minus a 10% administration fee) provided your request is received in writing before the course begins.

o   On withdrawal, refunds, where applicable, must be requested in writing to: