IUG Center for Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language 

Arabic Center offers high quality academic courses to teach Arabic language to non-native speakers from all over the world.  It has two ways of teaching online and face to face. We offer online Arabic courses as a way to reach learners from all over the world. The virtual classroom features audio, video, screen sharing and document sharing. By studying online, you will have the same experience you get in a normal classroom, we provide native professional instructors who are there through the whole period of the course, the study material and books are provided in digital form for the convenience of online learning. All you need to start learning Arabic is internet enabled device, a camera and mice.

What do we offer?

  • Several multi-level and intensive courses customized for non-native speakers intending to excel in Arabic.
  • Various courses for personal, professional and academic purposes for university students who are interested in learning Arabic. 
  • Unique ways of teaching enables learners to master Arabic in formal and informal situations.

Arabic's Staff :

    Mahamoud Al-hajjar
    28 Years
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    Mona Abu-Samaan
    26 Years
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    Ramadan Al-nabeeh
    31 Years
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    Ola Lubbad
    28 Years
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    Neveen Matar
    24 Years
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Tel +970 264 44 00 Ext 1395 

Email: Arabic@iugaza.edu.ps