IUG Arabic Center for Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language


IUG Arabic Center is a local operating unit of the Islamic University of Gaza. It provides the best practices in Arabic Language teaching and assessing its proficiency online & face to face for non-native Arabic speakers. The Center is dedicated to supporting individuals of all ages and learning levels. A unique set of innovative course programs were designed to meet students` needs and requests. However, these courses focus on developing the four basic language skills (speaking, listening, writing and reading). All of our instructors are native speakers with advanced degrees from internationally recognized universities who are able to make any studying process effective, efficient, and stimulating.


Our Vision



To be a world leader in teaching Arabic as a foreign language all over the world.


Our Mission


Our primary mission is to educate, inspire, and benefit people from around the world by teaching them Arabic online & face to face. We aim to provide outstanding Arabic Language virtual training and give the students confidence in Arabic while maintaining sensitivity to cultural, linguistic, and individual diversity.


What do we offer?

§  Several multi-level and intensive courses customized for non-native speakers intending to excel in Arabic.

§  Various courses for personal, professional and academic purposes for university students who are interested in learning Arabic. 

§  Unique ways of teaching enables learners to master Arabic in formal and informal situations.




Community Service & Continuing Education Deanship at Islamic University of Gaza

Tel. +970 264 44 00  Ext. 1395 

Email: arabic@iugaza.edu.ps

Facebook: IUG Arabic Center

Twitter: @IUGArabicCenter