Gaza is located  on the Mediterranean Sea, near the crossroads of Africa, Asia, and Europe. Gaza is bordering Egypt and less than 100km away from Jerusalem.

19 October

The Importance of Arabic

Arabs have always prided themselves on their language and, in particular, their poetry. Poetry was the primary medium of ancient times through which tribes were praised, enemies were lampooned, messages were sent, and much more. At the fairs of cUkāz, poets would read and listen to poetry as well as critique it as an inter-tribal custom.

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08 October

Why Arabic is not as hard as you think?

“The script is impossibly difficult, like hieroglyphics.” Not true. It has an alphabet of 28 letters. Letters are joined up. There are actually only 5 basic shapes. Writing goes clockwise (except for one letter – Hamza), from right to left, which for many people is easier than writing left to right as it involves pushing the pen, not pulling it.

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