IUG Arabic Center for teaching Arabic as a foreign language is launched from Gaza

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From Gaza, Arabic is launched

IUG Arabic program for teaching Arabic as a foreign language is launched on 14/12/2016, in Gaza Strip. This program aims to teach Arabic to non-native speakers from all over the world. It has two ways of teaching online and face to face.

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The Definite Article

Words are made definite in Arabic by attaching أل to the beginning of the word. For example, مُدَرِّس means “a teacher”. “The teacher” is rendered by ألْمُدَرِّس. The only difference is that we have attached the definite article أل to the noun. The definite article is always attached to the noun. Note that there is a sukuun over the ل of the definite article and that the ل is written in initial form.

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The Importance of Arabic

Arabs have always prided themselves on their language and, in particular, their poetry. Poetry was the primary medium of ancient times through which tribes were praised, enemies were lampooned, messages were sent, and much more. At the fairs of cUkāz, poets would read and listen to poetry as well as critique it as an inter-tribal custom.

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